Raised in family of architects and engineers and being in permanent touch with building construction and city development, he continues the established family traditions and launches already in studenthood (1991) his first architectural and advertisement company “Graffiti Ltd.”.


After graduation at architectural faculty at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, he continues in 1993, on invitation of Chamber of Architects of Berlin, his career in Germany. Working with many renowned architectural offices like Becker, Gewers, Kühn & Kühn or GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten, as well as traffic planning company Grebner – Ruchay, in over 15 years of professional career, he gains experiences not only as an architect, but also in site management and traffic planning. Developing his skills in nearly every aspect of construction and real estate development, he changes in 2007 his field of services into project management and acting primarily as investors representative coordinates different large and smaller scale project developments in Europe.

His international experiences include countries like Germany, Georgia, France, Italy, Monaco, Russia and Ukraine.



His fable to real estate development discovers Thomas already in early years of his study of economics and right after the graduation he starts his professional career as an assistant of project management in real estate development companies in Berlin. Gathering wide-ranging knowledges as project manager under Kahas leadership from 2009 and having enough experience in company organisation, administration, accounting and administrative management, he joins KMX Developments GmbH in 2013 and participates in all running projects as an associate director.

Mr. Schmidt-Bock is extremely reliable young specialist and able to cope with any kind of heavy workload.


We expanded our exclusive partnerships with new powerful companies in terms of Investment and Acquisition of real etsates:

REAL ONE Capital Partners & WK Development

Thus we are expanding our assets and capacities to acquire new attractive projects in Germany and throughout Europe. As well as we widen our services regarding real estate developments in European and non European countries.

We are open to any intersting suggestion regarding new investments and we will be glad to receive suitable proposals from You.



After Graduation as an Architect at Berlins Technical University in 2003, Mr. Makhatadze held number of leading positions starting as a project leader at Ellis Williams Architects in Berlin, to head official of Urban Planning Department at Tbilisi City Hall, as well as a leading architect at Old City Rehabilitation Development Fund.

Since 2012 as managing director of Territorial Development Company “City Project” he realised a big number of greater and small scale projects throughout Georgian Republic, like rehabilitation and construction of “RIKE” territory in Georgian Capital and rehabilitation and reconstruction of Tbilisi’s old district “Kala”.

The scope of services comprise beside project management, project planning, coordination, quality assurance and supervision of successful project delivery to time and budget. Performing the project from the sketch drawings through detailed drawings to the submission. Preparation of designs and reports for communicating with public. Creating the recreational zones, including hotel buildings, restaurants, residential and administrative buildings. Landscaping the territory, arranging the pipelines (water, wastewater, sewing system etc).


Mr. Makhatadze is running a full functional office in Tbilisi with 15 employees including architects, engineers, structural engineers and IT specialists.