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KMX Developments is Berlin and Tbilisi based private equity diversified real estate development company specializing in a High and Luxury Class residential, as well as in commercial, retail, industrial and mixed-use project developments. Our company is responsible for the acquisition, development and redevelopment of many projects. We are real estate practitioners who use our expertise to deliver results for our investors. Our mission is to deliver investment opportunities that provide strong, stable current returns while generating long-term capital appreciation.


The company is comprised of a highly-qualified teams of professionals that handle all aspects of real estate development, investment and management, including but not limited to: acquisition, entitlement, project/construction management, asset management, property management, accounting and underwriting.


Our talented professionals deliver the opportunity to measure progress, prioritize resources and feel that sense of accomplishment when the hard work manifests itself into tangible progress. Technology visionaries are solving real estate industry problems at a rate like never before. Our forward-thinking nature allows us to stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive and evolving landscape.


Teamwork means effective communication, helping each other to realize our full potential and embracing a collaborative mindset. Our in-house team provides all required financial controls and reporting services. Every day, we bring our best efforts to bear to differentiate our service and hold ourselves accountable for the health of our client relationships.


We work with world-class architects, interior designers, and landscape artists to conceive exceptional new residential communities from the ground up, or completely transform existing properties so they speak to contemporary tastes. People are changing, homes are changing and technology is changing the way we live.


We are strategically focused on setting the pace for the way people live and work. Our mission is to provide our tenants with environments that are productive, efficient, and state-of-the-art. Investment decisions are based on our successful experiences in the past, and more importantly, our vision of the future.


We believe that what’s good for the environment is also good for business. We are a pro-density firm committed to implementing sustainable, high-performance practices into all of our buildings, and we assemble world class project teams to accomplish this objective. For both office and residential environments, the health and wellness outcomes of green building practices are well documented, and by prudently incorporating these technologies into the design and development process, one can create immense value for both the Owner and the User.


Our Company is intensely focused on urban areas as the engines for growth and change and is committed to creating a vital, vibrant, and compelling future for cities. The principles underlying this vision are sustainable development, smart growth, increased density, and transformational place-making.

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