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Scope Of Services







We create a clear and binding organizational structure tailor-made for your project. In cooperation with you we will define the necessary decision-making processes and authority. We capture all agreements regarding project organization in an organization manual. This manual is continually updated during the various phases of project planning and makes a substantial contribution to the efficient realization of your construction project.


We are responsible for overall coordination and represent your interests towards all project participants until handover. Regular coordination discussions with all project participants in the planning process ensure that all information is captured.

We support your decision-making by efficiently preparing clear, complete decision documents and keeping an auditable record of processes.

Each real estate development and intended to realize project is unique with its individual purposes and challenges. It is essential to control and forecast project developments and optimise Project Management on a continuous level. Qualified Project Management is a prerequisite for any successful project. It applies a range of concepts, knowledge, professional skills, tools and techniques to meet the project objectives and ensure project success.






The provision of legal advice is not a core activity. However, within the scope of our technical, economic and organizational tasks we can offer you competent support to help resolve legal issues. We advise you on the extent of services necessary and assist you with commissioning planning partners. During the course of the project we monitor service performance.


In the same manner, we assist you with contract award to construction contractors.






Quality control must start during the planning stage.


We advise you on defining your space requirements and stipulating the quality framework. In cooperation with the planners the aim is to employ only proven building materials and construction methods that are economically and ecologically sound.


We check the planning documents and bills of quantities for compliance with the quality requirements. Quality assurance measures also include on-site spot checks during construction as well as coordinating the handover of the building and participating in inspections of work undertaken by main construction contractors for possible defects.






We have the know-how and the right tools for realizing your cost concepts within the framework of the goals set.


The cost plan clearly defines the work contained in the budget. We determine detailed cost budgets for individual subtasks. On the basis of an exact cash flow plan, the Contracting party will always know which budgets have to be made available at what point in time. During the design and construction phase we monitor adherence to the approved budgets, thus ensuring comprehensive control and information.






For scheduling we take the interconnectedness of planning activities, approval procedures, Contracting party decisions, construction requirements and logistics into account.

Scheduling is carried out in close cooperation with the project team and provides an important basis for tenders and subsequent construction monitoring. The schedule can be adapted to changed conditions at any time. The process results in schedules; adherence to these schedules is strictly monitored by us during planning and construction.

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